About NPC Tea


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NPC Tea follows an ex-fire summon, an elf and a magicless human as they attempt to save a failing tea shop in modern day Cardiff. Soon they find out that a lack of customers and caddies upon caddies of rotting tea are the least of their worries, when a type of banned magic rears it’s ugly head and threatens to destroy the entire city. Bryn, Oz and Hannah must unite if they are to save their business – and ultimately the city itself.

An 8 issue series, NPC Tea escalates from slice of life comedy into an epic fantasy, twisting typical RPG and fantasy stereotypes into a modern day setting. It’s about what happens when there are no more dungeons to crawl, when magic needs to be organized, and when orcs, elves and men try to live peacefully side by side – a balance that’s harshly tested when an entire city is threatened with destruction…

You can find a free preview comic here, and purchase issue one and two here. You can also read the entirety of issue 1 over on my Patreon from $1, here.

What other people have been saying about NPC Tea:

“With a story full of wonder and intrigue as well as some of the most stiking visuals seen in comics of late, this is an issue worthy of delving into – ideally along with a nice cup of tea.” – James Blundell, Pipedream Comics

“This all ends up feeling like a story that would develop if Neil Gaiman took over Saga and added in a tea shop but in Sarah’s hands the story & art blend together like the perfect cup of tea into something just as unique.Comics Anonymous