The Heart of Time is a web comic written and illustrated by Sarah Millman. It follows the adventures of Amelia, a bad-tempered teenager and her pug, Gertrude. Amelia stole her father’s time machine (a modified Vespa) after an argument, but soon became lost in time when she discovered it was more difficult to drive than she thought.

Use the link above to start reading. If you’re looking for my professional portfolio, please follow this link.

New Page 30/09/14 – And work updates!!

Hi all, sorry I’ve neglected this section for a while!

Just a quick update to say I’m alive :) Also, I’ve simultaneously lost and gained jobs! I left WI last Wednesday after 2 years of illustration and writing for their games, and started as an admin at Games Wales two weeks ago.

But… what does this mean?

It means I have more time for HoT :D Hooray!

New Page – 22/08/14, Melksham and London MCM

Hi all, sorry about the lateness of this week’s page! In other news: as you can see from my appearances post at the top of this page I’ve been confirmed for two cons that will be happening soon! First up is Melksham, where I’ll be appearing at a panel Ian from¬†Razarhawk has asked me to be a part of :D I’ll be chatting with Ian, Jamie Lambert from Dexter’s Half Dozen and Vince Hunt from Red Mask From Mars about how to construct a story and our writing processes. If you’re in the Wiltshire at the end of this month, check it out (our panel is on Sun 31st at 3.30).

I can also finally confirm that I WILL have a table at London MCM this October, hooray! More details as they come :)

Thanks for your patience everyone x

New Page 04/08/14, Birmingham ICE

Hi all! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Chapter 4 starts today and has been updated here, on DA and over on Tumblr – I’m hoping to carry on with the mon + wed updates I was doing before the hiatus but we’ll see how it goes :)

Thanks to everyone who came to ICE! It was a lovely little con and was great to see some familiar (and unfamiliar) faces making an appearance. Next up could be Melksham – I may be part of a panel but nothing’s confirmed yet, will keep you updated!

Stay awesome HoTties xxx