Aaand we’re at the printers!

That’s right, folks – I sent the PDF of Volume 1 to the wonderful people over at UKComics on saturday, meaning that if all goes to plan, they should be ready for MCM!

I’m so happy ;_; I literally haven’t slept all week!

In other news, new page is up (17) along with Chapter 4’s cover:


Pretty happy with it – it will be one of the prints included in the £25+ Kickstarter tiers :) Yet to decide on the other one yet, but pretty sure it will be Gertrude related!


Kickstarter Results, Site Feedback

Hi all,

Thanks for your patience! You can now read the entirety of HoT so far here (rather than on DA). Please let me know what you think about the new design – the functionality is pretty much the same, but still not sure about the design so any feedback is appreciated.

In other news, the Volume 1 Kickstarter was SUCCESSFUL! Yaaaay ~


Thank you all so much for your support 😀 I’m so excited to share the printed version of HoT with you! Even better, the feedback I’ve received on the comic has been fantastic (check out the new press page) which means that the future of HoT is definitely bright!

Keep following the Heart of Time Kickstarter page for book updates – I hope to get the book printed for the end of May.

Cheers all!

– Sarah