The Heart of Time is a web comic written and illustrated by Sarah Millman. It follows the adventures of Amelia, a bad-tempered teenager and her pug, Gertrude. Amelia stole her father’s time machine (a modified Vespa) after an argument, but soon became lost in time when she discovered it was more difficult to drive than she thought.

Use the link above to start reading. If you’re looking for my professional portfolio, please follow this link.


Convention Schedule

10th-11th May 2014: BCE Expo, Future Inn, Cabot Cirus, Bristol

23rd-25th May 2014: London MCM Expo, Excel Centre, London

11th-13th July 2014: London Film and Comic Con, Earls Court 2, London

2nd August 2014: ICE, The Studio, Birmingham

8th-9th November 2014: Cardiff Film and Comic Con, Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff

7th February 2015: True Believers Comic Festival, Cheltenham Racecourse, Gloucestershire

More to come!

If you would like to see me at any future events, please let me know.


New Page – 28/03/2014

Finally! Sorry for the delay everyone.

Had a bit of a health issue this week that seriously delayed work – and also made me realize I need to start taking care of myself. I wasn’t aware of how stressed I can get, even though consciously I feel totally fine.

No big issues though, thankfully. But a new regime of running, sensible bedtimes and fruit rather than chocolate starts tomorrow. Aww, but unhealthy living is so fun!!


New Page – 24/03/2014

And we’re back to the usual update schedule! Thanks for your patience.

Updates coming this week:

- Another page this Wednesday, to keep up with my MCM goals

- There’s a new mailing list you can join – I’ll be sending out the first email this week, regarding the beginning of the Gertrude game project, exclusive character guides and more! Head on over to the contact page and email me if you’d like to be added to the list

- Devblog for the Gertrude game

- New promo artwork, hopefully completing MCM exclusives this week too!


Phew. See you Wednesday :)


CON REPORT: LSCC 15-16/03/14


My LSCC haul featuring Orful Comics, 7string, Halcyon and Tenderfoot, Widdershins, Chloe Noonan and Sad Pictures to Colour In

Phew, what a weekend!

I’m only just about recovered, but London Super Comic Con really was a good one. Probably not as busy as one of the bigger cons such as MCM or LFCC, but really friendly and a very nice atmosphere. It was my first convention alone (without my convention buddy Sian – *gasp*) which was daunting at first but worked out pretty good in the end!

I was placed next to another Sarah Louise – the amazing Sarah Gordon, who was selling one of the funniest things I’ve read for a long time. Sad Pictures to Colour in is about… well, sad things to colour in, which even comes with felt tips to use. You’re limited to just grey and blue though ;D

Managed to have a chat with Nich Angell and pick up a copy of 7string – I can’t get enough of his colour palette, and the sprawling world of 7string reminds me a lot of Moebius’ artwork. Also finally met Rob Cureton in person, the creator of Orful Comics, and Lee and Dan from Art Heroes!

As always, thank you to everyone who stopped by to say hello or pick up a comic – head on over to my new Twitter page for more news and photos from the weekend. I’m also setting up a mailing list, which you can join over at the contact page.

I’m working on a DevBlog for several game ideas I have for HoT, at least one of which will be in production following the next run of conventions (and after issue 3 is complete!).

Next is BCE Expo in May, with issue 3 being prepped for MCM after that. So much time and so little to do!

… Strike that, reverse it.