The Heart of Time is a web comic written and illustrated by Sarah Millman. It follows the adventures of Amelia, a bad-tempered teenager and her pug, Gertrude. Amelia stole her father’s time machine (a modified Vespa) after an argument, but soon became lost in time when she discovered it was more difficult to drive than she thought.

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Another great weekend for team HoT. If you’ve been following my Twitter or Facebook feeds, you would’ve seen HoT first cosplayer EVER! Head on over to the Facebook page if you want to see Rae’s epic cosplay of Amelia :)

I’m always overwhelmed by the response HoT gets from new readers and returning ones – I really appreciate all your support! It encourages me to work hard at making HoT the best it can possibly be, and I’m confident that there is much more to come from it in the future. Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by to say hello or buy a comic, hope you all had a great weekend.

So, here’s my haul:


Focused much more on artwork than comics this time round, though comic village was even bigger than last October! Didn’t get to see half the artists and comics that I intended to… Though I did manage to get round to Silvyen’s table, she’s so incredibly talented and I’ve been waiting to pick up a print after seeing her work on DA. Also, Evelyn Hewett – she had a new Akira print that was boss as always, which means I now have three of her prints on my wall (I’m such a neeeeerd…) Me and Sian were opposite an Australian artist called Samantha Calcraft, and I swapped a copy of HoT for her Fin comic. It has a really great sense of humour, and I found her mermaid character endearing and very well written (and you can never go wrong with sharkdogs). I absolutely LOVED the print I picked up from Chloe Citrine – such bright, wonderful colours, and I do have a soft spot for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu which it reminded me of in a brilliant way. Also, Paul Duffield’s “The Firelight Isle” – this is an incredible title, and it’s tone and artwork reminded me a lot of Avatar: The last Airbender, which is NEVER a bad thing. It was just a preview so very excited to see the rest of the project. NooshieBeans very kindly swapped her Pokemon print for one of my HoT cover prints – I didn’t manage to get round to her table which is a shame as her artwork is lovely! Will make an extra effort to find her stall next time…

Also got to see Anastasia Catris, Moon, Matt Dyson, Rob Cureton, Lewis Terry, Kayleigh Powis, Terra Jacks and the Footloose guys, and finally managed to actually go out after a con and socialize – which made it the most enjoyable con for a long while! Felt like I’d been run over by a truck afterwards but a fun weekend was had by all.

EDIT: I KNEW I’d forget something!! Also did an interview with M.J. Starling which was a lot less daunting than I thought it would be – he’s an excellent interviewer and can’t wait to hear the finished product (though I’m sure I’ll cringe at my answers on more than one occasion…) Will post a link when it’s up!

In other news, the book I ordered from Koyamori was waiting for me when I got home:

20140527_131436So pretty….

Chapter 3 is now complete! I will be starting 4 in a few weeks, sorry I can’t be more exact… I have a few jobs I need to finish first before I can concentrate on it! Until then, I’ll be updating filler comics featuring the HoT cast every monday. Sorry everyone, and thanks for your patience! Till next time HoTties x

New Page – 05/05/14

I have officially completed all of chapter 3 :) Hooray! The remaining pages will still be published weekly while I sort out chap 4, and the new issue will be ready for MCM. Phew.

I’ve learned so much from this issue, and for once I’m actually quite proud of the final product in it’s entirety! From here on I really want to push myself, and try to get better and better. The cover for this issue should be up this evening.

A small change to the site – I won’t be allowing comments on blog posts any more as no one seems to use them, and all they do is attract spam. If you want to send me any notes or comments, please use the FB page, DeviantArt or Twitter (and a new Tumblr coming soon).

Cheers all x

New Page 28/04/14 Thoughtbubble, LFCC appearance cancelled

Hi all,

New page is up, featuring more new characters! And some opera nerdery, if that’s your thing:

I’ve had this scene in my head since about 2 years ago when I saw the Magic Flute at the Royal Opera House – it’s the first opera I ever saw, and I loved it. It’s weird finally getting this scene down as it’s the first script I wrote for Heart of Time, and it was originally intended to go at the very beginning. It’s been rewritten about five times, so I’m super nervous about it ;_;
The opera house was supposed to be a lot more extravagant, but time constraints, blah blah blah. Also, I could do with a bit of advice – the costumes of the Queen of the Night and Pamina are based on the original sketches found here, which initially seemed very out of place in the time scale (after doing some research though, they do make sense: Marie Favart was performing with bare arms a long time before the MF premiere). Therefore, apart from the wigged musicians, there isn’t much to suggest the time this scene is set in – does that bother you?
Also check out Diana Damrau’s amazing performance of this song – we saw this version and it’s breathtaking, I used it for reference :)

Just a bit of an update too – I’ll no longer be attending LFCC in July unfortunately due to low funds, and wanting to develop more stuff for cons in the winter. However, I have scored a table at Thoughtbubble so it’s all good!