A world identical to our own – identical that is, apart from all the orcs, elves and magic… A love letter to Final Fantasy and Lord of the Rings, NPC Tea is about Cardiff’s least popular tea shop, Y Ddraig, run by a perfectionist elf and a laid-back fire summon. Issue 1 available now!

The Heart of Time

The Heart of Time is a webcomic, available to read for free. Start reading here or see the newest page here! The comic follows the misadventures of Amelia, a bad-tempered teenager and her pug Gertrude, as they crash through time, ruining history, the space-time continuum and the sanity of peaceful Tudor villagers as they try […]


Click here to view my illustration, comics and games portfolio. I graduated from Bristol UWE with a degree in Illustration in 2011, and after that completed a Masters in Animation at the University of Glamorgan in 2012. Since then, I’ve worked as a freelance artist, with clients from the comics and games industries. As well […]